According to almost every single interview I've ever done about making an animated movie, the process of voice recording is incredibly boring. In fact, the only thing that's more boring is doing interviews about how boring the process of voice recording is. That's no reflection on the people doing the talking, mind you; it's just that there really is only so much actors can say about sitting in a booth for dozens of hours, by themselves, delivering lines with different inflections with the hopes that one of those interpretations will be the one that the filmmakers need.

All of which brings me to Despicable Me. In the new animated film, Steve Carell recorded the voice of the main character, a hardened supervillain named Gru who discovers he has a soft, gooey center after he adopts three orphans for ostensibly fiendish purposes. As much of a fan of his as I am, I was admittedly apprehensive about speaking to Carell about the movie, since I expected many of the same answers as in the past, no matter what was asked. But at the film's recent press day in Los Angeles, Carell nimbly evaded the trappings of the typical voice recording interview, instead offering a casual, insightful, and most of all, interesting portrait of both his work on the film and his career in general as he wraps up his television career and makes a full-time move to the silver screen.