On a blistering Sunday afternoon about a week and a half ago, I stepped foot onto the old "Deadwood" set 30 miles outside of Los Angeles. There, right in front of Al Swearengen's old place, a posse of performers clad in Western wear kicked up dust in the middle of the main street while filming a carefully choreographed shoot-out scene set in the Wild, Wild West. Only instead of shooting pistols, they were popping and locking their way through a dance-fueled face-off as electro beats kept time, blasted at high volume from an iPod hooked up to a portable sound system.

These weren't your typical gunslingers. These were the members of The LXD -- the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

The LXD, the brainchild of filmmaker Jon M. Chu, director of Step Up 2: The Streets and this August's Step Up 3D, is at once many things: a superhero-themed dance web series that launches this week on Hulu (with a DVD release in the works later this year); a growing collective of young, talented dancers and performers, including familiar faces from the "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Glee" set; and a multi-platform movement that seeks not only to change the perception of dance in mainstream media, but to bring dance culture enthusiasts from around the world together in a shared online community.

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