One of the things that, I think, seriously ticked off many horror fans was the decision to film the seventh installment of the popular yearly franchise in that crazy third dimension. Given that Saw VI was actually pretty damned good, the thought that the seventh film will be 3D just calls to mind almost every other film in 3D: style over substance. Already setting myself up for disaster, I can only imagine that Saw VII will eschew story in favor of outlandish traps designed to utilize the 3D technology. Hell, one of the reasons I liked Saw VI so much was its story, which served as a great way to sum up all the prior events while delivering a heavy-handed below to the current state of the healthcare industry.

My future disappointment has been all but confirmed with the the apparent retitling of the film to Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive. Really? You're interrupting the way the films had been titled for the past six years in favor of sheer idiocy? Brilliant move. I can maybe, just maybe, overlook the 3D if the story is decent, but this title is just...stupid. It's a gimmick to capitalize on this fading and near-universally reviled technology, but all it does it make the title unwieldy and sound like it belongs to a Halloween Horror Nights attraction.

At first I, like everyone else online (especially Twitter), thought it was a freakin' joke, but it has since been confirmed via a Comic Con press release. I wonder what director Kevin Greutert thinks of this. If you'll recall, he was initially attached to the Paranormal Activity sequel, but was compelled by Lionsgate to helm the seventh film in the series. The best part? Both films will be going toe-to-toe on October 22nd in what is shaping up to be one Hell of a month for horror.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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