Apparently Saw 7 producers, Mark Burg and Oren Koules, had the time to take in some of the online backlash due to the ridiculous title swap for the seventh film of the franchise. Rather than going with Saw VII or just Saw 3D, yesterday word got out that the film would be called Saw 3D The Traps Come Alive. Get your last minute giggles out because the joke's over. The film's reps clarified that the title of the movie is Saw 3D and that "The Traps Come Alive" is merely the tagline.

Bad taglines are one thing, but bad movie titles are a particularly destructive breed. Saw 3D may seem unoriginal, but the franchise has kept it simple from day one and it's worked. Why change it now? As for the relocated tagline, I get what the filmmakers are going for with "The Traps Come Alive," but it still isn't the best way to convey the fact that this is the series' very first 3D installment. The first thing that crossed my mind when I heard the news was that perhaps the seventh film would incorporate a living element into the traps, like a death by bees type thing or maybe even a man vs. man trap.
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