What do you get when you mix puppets, global pandemics, and high school coming of age films? You get Puppet High, a hilarious new short posted at Funnyordie.com

When a viral pandemic raged across the globe a few years earlier, people didn't turn into zombies, or rage monsters, or any of the other stuff you see in Hollywood films. Instead, they turned into ... puppets. Luckily, scientists stopped the spread of the deadly contagion before all of humanity wound up looking like extras on Sesame Street. Unfortunately for the afflicted, there's no cure for the disease -- and now the world is comprised of two camps: human and puppet. This is the story of one family coping with the disaster and what happens in a high school where two similar yet different groups are forced to co-mingle.

Puppet High immediately evokes memories of Peter Jackon's Meet the Feebles -- although it's not nearly as raunchy. You do get some puppet nipples and human-puppet sex, so be aware cubicle workers. The story focuses on Matt Summers, a high schooler who's now a puppet -- "made of buttons and yarn" -- and the trials and tribulations of being a teen who's different. There are a lot of laughs in the two minute running time, and the guys who collaborated on the project seem like they have a lot of promise when it comes to filmmaking.

Hit the jump and check out the clip for yourself. It's NSFW if you're employed in a place that has a strict "no puppet nipples" policy.