It's a culinary "game over, man!" The roasted chestburster, seen in the movie Alien in a slightly less-edible state, was served to dinner guests of one "Grumpy Frenchman", who fashioned the movie prop/entree out of roast pork and sliced ham. It sounds good enough to eat, but it certainly doesn't look good enough to eat. It looks good enough to kill with a power-loader.

Grumpy Frenchman also served his guests Soylent Green (a green-dyed shortbread), Pork Bao (a favorite of Serenity pilot Wash), the Klingon blood-worm dish called Gagh (red-dyed noodles), Hasperat sandwiches from Bajor (a tortilla filled with hummus and crunchy veggies), Aunt Beru's infamous blue milk (vodka, Blue Curaco, and milk), spice beer (Fuller's Honeydew and cinnamon) and spice sticks (snickerdoodles, basically) from Arrakis, Lembas wrapped in Mallorn leaves (cornbread, wrapped in a printed paper image of a Mallorn leaf). Everyone at the party got tanked on a cold pitcher of Slurm (aka the drink known as Russian Spring).

You can see the photos on Grumpy Frenchman's blog, with links to all of his recipes, so you can host your own sci-fi dinner party.
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