As we continue to sift through the wreckage left in the aftermath of Mel Gibson's latest offensively racist tirade, one thing seems clear: Gibson's career in mainstream Hollywood is deader than William Wallace at the end of Braveheart. The emergence of the recording of Gibson telling Oksana Grigorieva that she's to blame if she gets "raped by a pack of n*****s" would seem to make that obvious.

However, as the 24 Frames blog over at the L.A. Times points out, this was a certainty even before the tape appeared. William Morris Endeavor -- the agency repping Gibson -- dumped the actor last week. The news didn't surface until yesterday, but clearly someone at the firm has had enough of Gibson's antics. The speculation is that his latest tirade, coupled with last week's passing of agent Ed Limato, finally cleared the way for the WME to part ways with the beleaguered performer.
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