This is easily one of the slowest weeks in recent memory. There are handful of releases none of which look to be any good. There's a straight to video vampire flick starring Jason Mewes of all people. It's called Bitten and it has some truly awful cover art and a terribly cliched tagline. The listed run time on Amazon is 60 minutes. I'm not sure where that places the film exactly. 60 minutes is some kind of weird purgatory-like area of run times in between long short film and short feature. Who makes a 60 minute movie? It's just a strange choice that makes absolutely no sense.

Also on tap this week is The Corpse Vanishes, an old Bela Lugosi film about a mad doctor who kidnaps beautiful brides and sacrifices them. It's being released as a DVD-R that's manufactured on demand, similar to the Warner Archive or Universal Vault collections, though it's not clear from the Amazon page which company is behind this particular release. It also appears to have already been released on traditional DVD and is still in print. In any event, it's nice to see the effort made to release more classic horror films.
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