The Zac Efron fans took over the Trailer Park again as last week's poll results have Charlie St. Cloud garnering the most votes, significantly more than second placer Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Will the voters be as enthusiastic about this week's boating-themed movie, Jack Goes Boating? I doubt the Efron fans will be as into it, but it's my number one pick for the week, if only because Amy Ryan is amazing. She appears to upstage Philip Seymour Hoffman, which can't be all that easy, even when he does have a silly hairdo, while somewhat reminding me of a slightly more dramatic version of her character from The Office. The plot of the film does run more hokey-sappy and feel-goodish than either actor is worth. But with Hoffman at the helm, this his first time as director, I'm at least curious. Also, if the current IMDb user ratings are any indication, viewers at Sundance were really into it.

Other trailers this week are similar to Jack Goes Boating's in the way they don't look very strong story-wise but they at least have some appealing acting talents. Welcome to the Rileys looks good primarily because of Melissa Leo (for me, anyway; Twilight fans will obviously be more interested in Kristen Stewart), the latest from Woody Allen, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, looks good solely because of its ensemble, and the comedic cast of the straight-to-DVD Operation: Endgame also interests me. But this is honestly another bad week for trailers, as I'm not completely sold on any of the ten films on my chart based on their latest ads alone.

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