When Vincenzo Natali's Splice (140 screens) opened in early June, we had already had a bunch of summer duds, including Robin Hood, Just Wright, Letters to Juliet, MacGruber, Shrek Forever After, Prince of Persia, Sex and the City 2, Killers, and Marmaduke, as well as Iron Man 2, which I loved, but which seemed to disappoint many viewers. I had seen Splice prior to all this, as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival, and in the screening room, there was a general happy buzz as it ended. Here, by gum, was a terrific, fun, and perhaps even brave, summer entertainment! And it was an original screenplay! It looked as if it was going to be a counter-programming smash, something that would generate strong word of mouth and continue to draw crowds as all the behemoth Hollywood junk fell away like toppled Godzillas.
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