It's been over 35 years since a "rogue" great white shark prowled the waters off of Martha's Vineyard and became the focal point of the first true summer blockbuster, Jaws. It seems that Bruce (the nickname of the shark in the film) loved the area so much that he's coming home on Tuesday, July 13th, for a special screening of a very cool documentary about his film's cultural legacy.

The Martha's Vineyard Film Society is set to kick off its summer film series with the local premiere of The Shark is Still Working -- the definitive documentary of all things Jaws. Erik Hollander's two hour opus isn't so much a chronicle of how hard it was to make Jaws -- although that material is covered, and the title is a play on familiar refrain heard on the island during shooting: "The shark is not working." -- but how the film has managed to become such an important piece of pop culture. It features interviews with the stars of the film, people who played small roles, and others who worked behind the scenes. It's a genuine tragedy that the film hasn't had a DVD release.

That being said, if you happen to be in the Martha's Vineyard area next Tuesday (or Austin on August 2nd when the film will be playing at The Alamo Drafthouse) you'll have a chance to not only celebrate Jaws' 35th birthday where it was made, but to see a great documentary the way it was meant to be seen -- with a like-minded group of people who love everything to do with Spielberg's summer classic.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer for The Shark is Still Working.