Does Bruce Willis smell like gunpowder, sweat, and dried blood? In my mind he always did, but my world was crushed today with the discovery of his new cologne, titled simply "Bruce Willis."

Sparing no hyperbole, LR Health and Beauty CEO Tilo Ploger had this to say, "I personally feel that the new Bruce Willis fragrance is the manliest scent in the world." So, the cologne smells like pine trees, bourbon, and exhaust fumes? I wish! Instead, the new fragrance, also available as a body wash and deodorant, smells of pepper, grapefruit, and something called "vetiver", which I can only assume is the bottled smell of his sheets after a night with Alisha Klass (note: I have come to find out that vetiver is a type of grass grown in India).

Racked reports that the marketing slogan for the fragrance is "Smart Guys Live Forever." If Bruce Willis dies, we can all sue for false advertising! Unless, of course, Bruce Willis isn't a smart guy. However, if he is indeed an immortal, you can follow us right here on Cinematical for all the latest news on Die Hard CLXII (that's 162 -- I'm a smart guy).

I posted the question on Twitter and Facebook -- What does Bruce Willis smell like? You can read people's responses after the jump (and make sure to chime in with your own).
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