Movie geeks have endless numbers of desert island lists. What ten movies would you take to a desert island? What five movies? Which director's entire output? Which actor's entire output? Which genre? Here's another one. If you could have the entire output of only one movie studio and/or distributor, which would it be? If you wanted The Godfather, say, you'd have to pick Paramount, and you would also get the Indiana Jones films, the Iron Man films, some Preston Sturges comedies, Rear Window, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, some Jerry Lewis films, Chinatown, and so on, up to -- sadly -- The Last Airbender. Or if you chose MGM, you could get Freaks, The Manchurian Candidate, and a whole bunch of musicals.

Of course, there are some complications here. If you chose MGM, does that mean you get the United Artists stuff? And does it count if the studio just distributed the film, or do they have to produce it from the ground up? I know what I would pick, and what my rules are. My studio of choice is the old RKO Radio Pictures, and I would count anything they distributed, as well as produced. In short, I count anything that starts with that little bleeping sound over the radio antenna. Here's what I would get:
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