Some spoilers for
Predators below.

If you saw Predators this weekend, you witnessed the adventures of one of my new favorite action movie characters: Nikolai, a Russian Spetsnaz soldier played by former UFC competitor Oleg Taktarov.

There are a number of reasons why I think Nikolai is basically the greatest thing since Arnold Schwarzenegger told Bill Duke that right now, he's very hungry:

- He's played by an actual Russian. So depressingly often supporting characters who are supposed to be Russian are played by American actors who have to phonetically torture the language. Not so here. Taktarov is an honest-to-goodness Russki, and his muttered asides and exclamations in the mother tongue sound authentic. Bonus: his big last line in the film is not only in Russian, it's untranslated! (It's also difficult to translate, but it's basically a very literal version of "in your face").