Earlier this morning I was thinking about how lucky sci-fi fans have been two summers in a row now and how great it would be if the summer streak started by District 9 and maintained by Inception continued into next year. Then I was wondering about what films currently in the pipeline would be contenders to keep that trend of intelligent sci-fi going and the first title that came to mind was Andrew Niccol'sI'm.mortal. I hadn't thought about the film much since its initial announcement, but I began wondering whether or not it was on a smooth track for production.

How convenient, then, that I return home to find news that Amanda Seyfried has been cast as the female star of the film, which is set in a futuristic society where the aging process has been defeated entirely. However, to prevent overpopulation, years of life has replaced financial-backed currencies all over the world. Time Keepers are the police force that keep track of how much time each person is spending/receiving, presumably terminating all those who have no more years left in their time bank.

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