Planning a trip to Comic-Con can be a daunting experience. Sure, there's the usual travel-related issues, like setting up hotel accommodations and finding affordable plane tickets. But for those heading to this year's pop entertainment extravaganza in San Diego, which kicks off on Thursday, July 22, there are more serious problems to work out. For instance, how do you stay properly hydrated when you're dressed as the Human Torch?

Well, don't worry, folks, because we're here to help. No, we can't explain the best way for Jango Fett clone to use the bathroom (though we hear you can open that body armor using a sonic screwdriver), but we can do the next best thing: help you figure out how to plan your schedule. After all, with dozens of events and hundreds of celebrities on hand shilling seemingly every TV show and movie from 'Tron: Legacy' to 'Inner Mongolia's Got Talent!', figuring out the best use of your time is the key to having the best Comic-Con experience possible.
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