I can't recall when the last time I saw a clip for Joe Zerull's A Cadaver Christmas, but it's definitely been awhile -- which is a shame, because this low-budget indie looks like a lot of fun. Zerull was cool enough to share the latest clip with our friends over at Twitch, and I'm pleased to report that the film is looking better with each new preview.

The film tells the tale of a university scientist who conducts an experiment that brings the dead back to life on Christmas Eve. It's up to a janitor, a cop, a security guard, a drunk, and a bartender to save everyone and Christmas. No big deal, right?

The new clip is funny and serves as a nice balance to the older one -- which highlighted the film's gore. I'm generally wary of micro-budgeted gore flicks, particularly ones about zombies, but A Cadaver Christmas already has me setting aside my prejudices. I hope my newfound optimism is rewarded with a splattery good time.

There's still no release date for the film, but you can check out the brand new clip after the jump. After that, make sure you swing by the film's official site.
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