I first saw Session 9 back in 2002 or so as a recommendation from a friend. He said it would be "right up my alley," so naturally I was curious. I watched it at my parent's house, with my dad in the other room and the light on in the kitchen. As the film progressed, so to did the number of times I was looking over my shoulder. When it was done, I was left genuinely frightened at Brad Anderson's tale of human vulnerability set in an old, abandoned mental institution. I was also left with a lot of questions. This isn't because the film is necessarily confusing, it just leaves a lot open to interpretation.

To date, nothing has been able to knock Session 9 out of the top spot for me, and the very fact that I get to discuss it with more than a small handful of people makes me undeniably ecstatic. Fair warning: what you're about to read is pretty long, so I can only hope you love this film as much as I do. Also, as per usual, there are so many spoilers beneath the cut your head will explode.

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