Although it sounds close to something like Mob Wars on Facebook, Vampire Mob is actually a web series with an unusual premise. Instead of releasing the series in regular installments, the creators are distributing the show based on a predetermined view count. The first episode premiered on June 30th and once 5,000 views are tallied, you'll be seeing the second installment. Kudos to the filmmaker, because the view count anxiety would give me a serious complex.

The show revolves around vampire hitman Don Grigioni (John Colella), whose mother-in-law has recently moved in and is cramping his mobster lifestyle. Wacky vampire/family antics ensue. Almost sounds like a darker version of The Golden Girls! The series was written and directed by award-winning filmmaker and comedian Joe Wilson who concocted this idea while working as a private dick. The series also stars Marcia Wallace, Virginia Jones, Kirsten Vangsness, Chris Mulkey, and Reamy Hall.

Check out episode one of Vampire Mob after the jump. There are six episodes in all, which you can check out on the show's official website. Make nice with them on Twitter too while you're at it.

[via Dread Central]
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