By the late 1980s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former Austrian bodybuilder-turned-actor (and currently the governor of California), had become the 80s' most popular action star. Despite several missteps (e.g., the Conan sequel, Conan the Conqueror,Red Sonja, and RawDeal), Schwarzenegger picked roles that worked to his strengths as an onscreen performer, not his limitations, none better, qualitatively than his first collaboration with James Cameron, TheTerminator, and his second (after Commando a year earlier) with John McTiernan (TheThomasCrown Affair, Die Hard with a Vengeance, The Last Action Hero, The Hunt for Red October, DieHard), Predator.

Predator, a genre mash-up that combined science fiction with horror and action, centers on Schwarzenegger's character, listed only as "Dutch" in the credits. The U.S. military, calls in Dutch and his squad, Blain (former Navy Seal turned actor [and later politician] Jesse Ventura), Mac (Bill Duke), Billy (Sonny Landham), the squad's Native-American tracker, Poncho (Richard Chaves), and Hawkins (Shane Black), for what seems to be a basic search and rescue in an unnamed Central American country. The presence of Dutch's longtime friend and current CIA operative Dillon (Carl Weathers), however, suggests that there's more to the S&R mission. He's right, of course.
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