Some of you know Kevin "Ogre/ohGr" Ogilvie as the co-star in Tim Sullivan's 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (you can pre-order the special-edition DVD here). Or, you may recognize him from Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera. But others will recognize Ogilvie as the activist/singer/songwriter frontman of the legendary industrial band Skinny Puppy. I just know him as my future baby daddy, but I digress ...

Skinny Puppy is currently on their 2010 European tour, but Ogilvie had a chat with Fangoria before the band's departure -- long enough to tell them that there's a new single in our midst. Fans can go to and download the new track, tragek, from Ogilvie's side project ohGr, for a buck. There's also a free spoken-word download as well. From the looks of the website, it would appear that this single may be about the tragic oil spill that is plaguing the coast. Ogilvie has always been pretty vocal about politics and such, so it's no surprise to see him contribute something to the campaign against this devastating event.

Both ohGr and Skinny Puppy have new albums due out soon. SP puts on a killer show, so go see them live if you can. I'll be the girl quietly drooling in the corner.

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