Tron Legacy

Last summer I was lucky enough to join a small group of journalists in Vancouver to visit the set of 'Tron: Legacy.' It's hard to say exactly how excited I am for the long-awaited follow-up to its groundbreaking but box office-deficient 1982 predecessor – perhaps it will suffice to reveal that I'm currently stretching out a pair of childhood 'Tron' Underoos to wear on opening day.

But even if being on this particular set weren't personally fulfilling, it would no doubt be a professional highlight of the career of virtually any film journalist. An extensive exhibition of the production offices and department designs, followed by interviews with cast and crew members and, finally, a tour of the set itself, offered some of the most comprehensive and revealing behind-the-scenes looks in recent memory. And then there was meeting Daft Punk, although sadly there's no photographic or audio evidence to confirm that particular personal moment of fulfillment.

While a list could probably climb into triple digits were I to parse out the secrets and slip-ups of the filmmakers (not to mention see the finished film), we've assembled a collection of 10 essential details we discovered on the set of 'Tron: Legacy.'
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Tron: Legacy
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