Quiet Earth has brought to my attention a couple of trailers for the Greek flick Subconscious, a movie that looks...well, I honestly have no idea. Utilizing the cinema verite approach we have all come to know and love, the two trailers offer absolutely no insight into what the film is actually about, with the big "reveal" at the end making little sense when taken within the context of the typical "text on screen" used to allude to the plot.

Directed and produced by Chris Petropoulos, the website for the film declared the film is rated NC-17 for "sexual content, explicit language, frightening and disturbing situations." The film is described as being "real tape horror" in the same vein as The Blair Witch Project. Apparently the Greek police have been denying the existence of the tape, which was found in Western Green in March 2008.

I guess they're doing a pretty bad job at that. Check out the film's Facebook page, and the second trailer after the break. Seriously, this movie just looks freakin' weird.
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