While one animated film topped the box office this past weekend, another became the highest-grossing movie of the year (so far, though likely it's to stay this way through the second half of 2010). This isn't surprising given that nearly every animated feature released these days is done so in 3D, which greatly magnifies their box office take because of the $3 or so surcharge added to the ticket price. But will it and should it continue this way? The profits say yes but the audience might be saying no.

For example, although I've heard great things about Despicable Me, which over the weekend earned $60 million -- more than double the take of fellow opener Predators -- I also hear that there's absolutely no reason to see it in 3D other than to appreciate some in-your-face use of the format during the end credits. Fortunately there is still the 2D version available in most multiplexes, despite the fact that years ago industry leaders predicted and expected these films to be exclusive to 3D screens.