Last month, when we first heard about a film called Guns, Girls and Gambling, it sounded almost like a sequel to True Romance. The indie crime thriller reunites Christian Slater and Gary Oldman after all, and while they also co-starred in Murder in the First and The Contender, this particular movie involves Elvis. Only here there are a lot of them, and they're impersonators rather than an apparition, and unfortunately none are portrayed by Val Kilmer this time around (as far as we know). One person who will appear in the film dressed as "the King," according to Heat Vision, is Chris Kattan.

Yes, the former Saturday Night Live cast member is alive and working. For those who don't watch TV sitcoms, he's actually been a regular cast member of ABC's The Middle since last September. But he also continues to appear in many features, just few that you've likely heard of, such as last year's Scout's Honor (tagline: "Badge to the Bone"). In GG&G, his role sounds relatively small: he's only described as "Gay Elvis," and we're reminded that there are a "slew" of these impersonators, of which Slater and Oldman are two more.
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