Welcome to another new installment of Death Scenes We Love – my very irregular column here at Horror Squad where I share some of my favorite onscreen deaths from the world of horror. It's been awhile since I've written one of these – and you have my apologies for that. Hopefully new scenes will appear a little more regularly moving forward.

For this entry, we move away from the world of cinema and make our first foray into TV land. While network television rarely shows gore, cable is like the wild west – and Mick Garris' Showtime series Masters of Horror certainly had some episodes that pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable even in that format (they never aired Takashi Miike's first season episode Imprint because they felt it went too far). There were some great options in the two season run of the series, but I finally narrowed it down to one choice: a scene from Dario Argento's second season episode, Pelts.

Jump past the break for a full analysis of the scene and a chance to watch the clip for yourself.
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