I'm always down for some gut-munching, flesh tearing madness in films. Hillbilly horror and zombie hordes tickle my movie bone, but my real favorite? The weird stuff. The kind of things that operate outside of the bounds of 'normal'. Your psychological or inexplicable flicks that tap into some well of strangeness. My adoration of Lovecraft is well documented, as is my love for the subtle, psychological bent of flicks like the sublime Session 9. Whenever some obscure, odd tale comes to my attention, one that capitalizes on fear rather than 'weird for the sake of weird', I can't help but evangelize it. "The Dionaea House" is just such a story.

It's one of the rare success stories of internet endeavors. You may recognize the writer as one Eric Heisserer. Yes, the one who penned the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. You see, Eric has taken a sly bit of internet legerdemain and turned it into a full-blown career as a screenwriter. Back in 2004, Eric rolled out the story of the Dionaea House, a mysterious rental property that had some spooky effects on its inhabitants. It's best if I leave it at that, since the way it plays out pulls you in like digging into a stack of Russian nesting dolls. It's an epistolary story, one that unfolds in the pages of interconnected blogs. It went viral before too long, was picked up for a film adaptation, and Eric was vaulted into the ranks of Hollywood screenwriters.

It's a bit of hyper-fiction that you can devour in a single sitting, if you're so inclined. While the movie hasn't yet made much progress and has been retitled The Occupants, the story is still out there on the web for you to devour. It's brilliant, original, and astoundingly creepy. For those of you who missed it's original splash on the internet, check it out here.

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