Will there be a 'Clash of the Titans' sequel?Someone once told me that comic books were soap operas for boys. Sure, there are a ton of things wrong with that statement. One, I read comics and I'm clearly not a boy. Two, I know plenty of guys who (secretly) watch soap operas. And three, it's not the comics themselves that resemble daytime dramas. It's the casting. I'm sure you've heard about Marvel sacking Ed Norton from 'The Avengers.' I'm sure you've read what his agent said about the statement. Norton even spoke out via his Facebook page. Well, wait until you hear who they might be looking at to replace Norton. He's got crazy eyes. And no, it's not Mel Gibson. (Source: HitFix, Chud)

I'm one of the few people who liked 'Clash of the Titans.' But even I admit, there were problems, one of which was the post-production 3D. Seriously studios. Just shoot it in 3D or leave it alone. Well, we may get a chance to see what it could have been, according to one of the stars. I'll give you all the details. (Source: Coming Soon) Check out the video after the jump.