Together at last! Hollywood stereotype, meet Southern stereotype, as newly-published set photos strongly suggest that Michael Bay's Transformers 3 will feature NASCAR vehicles. The evidence comes from Jalopnik, which received photos from a reader in Detroit Chicago*, where Transformers 3 has been filming recently. We grabbed one to illustrate, but you can head on over there to see the others.

Meshing NASCAR with science-fiction war action makes perfect sense to me, because the next installment in the Transformers franchise needs a greater variety of vehicles -- we've seen enough tow trucks and 18-wheelers transform, thank you very much -- and if it's filming in America, it needs to feature brawny, audaciously painted muscle cars with plenty of room for product placement. Besides, way back in 2001, Renny Harlin's Driven featured a Formula 1-type race car screaming through the streets of Chicago, and Michael Bay wouldn't want to rip off that sequence, since he strives for originality above all in his action sequences. Instead we can probably look forward to a fleet of NASCAR race cars roaring through the streets of Detroit Chicago * as they transform into giant alien robots.

The fun part about NASCAR is that we'd expect the cars to be smashing into each other at high speeds. With the newly-confirmed promise and/or threat that Transformers 3 is being shot in 3D, the movie should be more exciting than ever. The only questions that remain: Will the racing sequences in 3D be more exciting than those in The Final Destination? Are you even more jazzed / traumatized at the idea of Transformers 3 with NASCAR?!! And dare we ask what these characters will sound like when they speak?

* UPDATE: Location correction. Thanks to reader Boo Radley for kindly pointing out my error.
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