If there's a better group of historical horror film villains than the Nazis, I don't know who it is. Not only were these guys the epitome of evil, but they had a unhealthy obsession with the occult and supernatural too. Any kind of paranormal concept you can think of, no matter how outlandish, odds are that the Nazis were looking into it as part of their quest for world domination.

So, naturally, I'm a sucker for any horror flick with Nazis as villains -- which makes Eric Stanze's new move Ratlinea title that I'm very interested in. Stanze became one of my favorite indie horror directors after I saw his brutal film Scrapbook and I'm hoping he continues the trend for unflinching mayhem in this new title.

FEARnet got the the first look at the debut clip from the film -- which comes complete with an intro from Stanze himself. This footage is from the film within a film part of the picture -- and lays out the backstory for viewers.

Basically, the Nazis were doing some more crazy occult experiments and transferred some supernatural powers into one of the Third Reichs' Blood Flags. The powerful artifact is missing, but someone in the present day is searching for it -- and he doesn't have good intentions in mind should be find it.

Catch the clip after the jump. Stanze never has much money to make his films, but his eye for period detail in Ratlinelooks impressive. Oh yeah, this is probably Not Safe For Work.

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