I know what you were thinking after you watched any of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World TV ads and trailers: "I don't know what that thing is but it looks shiny. What do I do with it?" Well, my semi-coherent friend, the answer is simple and doesn't involve Wikipedia, Google or even asking another living person who may or may not be better acquainted with the comics the film is based on or even just the trailer you just saw. No, my friends, the answer is: a one-minute video unpacking the film's plot at a rapid-fire pace reminiscent of the motormouth pace that announcers read the fine print for products in radio ads while LCD Soundsystem's "Big Ideas" plays in the background.

Never fear, hypothetical confused person: you are not alone in seeking out or even wanting such a magical video to exist. In fact, expectant fans that already know the plot and excited neophytes alike are just as likely to want to see such a thing. Why's that? Because there's more footage in it, of course! So why don't we just mosey on over to the video in question already? Check that sh!t out after the break. And screw Flanders.