Occasionally I'm faced with a difficult choice at the box office, and I find myself wanting to take a stand at the ticket counter and say to myself: "Self, you are not about to hand over $12.95 for this" -- and I seriously consider doing the unthinkable: I refuse to watch a movie on purpose. Of course, this is about as close as I get to a personal moral code with my movie going habits, but it did get me thinking about what I call: Movie Morality. To explain: it's not a heavy political, ethical, or socio-religious thing. It's just sometimes, before I shell out my cash, I have a moment of contemplation and think: if we vote with our wallet, should I be thinking long and hard about where I place my vote?

My reasoning to avoid a movie can come from a pretty benign place. Take for example The A-Team, a movie that was generously described as brainless, and that's next to a TV show from the 80s so you know things are bad. But also as relatively harmless, and as the so-so reviews piled up, I just thought, "I've had enough checking my brain at the door and I'm tired of Hollywood being proud of stupid movies, and I think I'll wait awhile". But, sometimes the source of my reluctance can be a little more disturbing; take for example, the most recent recorded 'outbursts' of a certain Hollywood jackass? Can I bring myself to pay to watch someone on-screen who as a human being may turn my stomach? I'm not sure.
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