2010 will be remembered for two things - crappy movies and an obsession with bringing back the '80s. OK, so that second part is a bit of a stretch. Even with A Nightmare on Elm Streetand The Karate Kid sullying the memories of the originals it is more likely to be remembered for crappy - and - crappier movies. Which is why this new feature at Cinematical hopes to remind a new generation of a happier time. People may wince at the music (and the clothes!) of the 1980s, but for many of us it was our golden age of the cinema; the period we grew up on. How sad is it to think that today's kids are growing up on National Treasures and Airbenders when we had names like Spielberg, Dante, Zemeckis and Gilliam guiding the ship? So it's time to go back to the '80s, to find more some more memorable alternatives, and maybe even look upon some of the films that could have inspired the directors of today.

This week's big screen disappointment comes in the form of Nimrod Antal's Predators. While we had been promised a reboot/sequel under the watchful eye of Robert Rodriguez, audiences will have to slog through a rather unimaginative concoction (after a promising setup) that can barely live up to the plural of its title. Back in 1987 it began with Predator. Singular. Summed up perfectly by Roger Ebert at the time as beginning "like Rambo and ends like Alien", it was that breakout bridge film that allowed director John McTiernan to go on to bigger and better things like Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October.

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