Far be it from us to be completely U.S.-centric. Today marks the anniversary of the storming of the French prison Bastille, officially celebrated as France's Independence Day. Félicitations, mes amis! To celebrate, we picked five classic French crime films that any fan of film noir, action or police procedurals should watch immediately.

Dubbed films policier in its native tongue, the genre mixes nods to classic 1940s American film noirs with straight-ahead action, anti-heros and European-style existential angst. In the works of Henri-Georges Clouzot and Jean-Pierre Melville, among others, motivation and psychological ramifications are as important as where the gun is hidden and what femme fatale is lying. It's both heady and exhilarating. And of course, this is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. For a comprehensive list, check out FilmsdeFrance.com's extensive list of policiers. Enjoie.