Jon Knautz got a lot of attention for his most recent film, the wildly entertaining Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. Once it became a something of a minor cult sensation, plans were announced for a sequel -- but that sequel got put on hold when the filmmaker announced he wanted to do a different film for his next feature. That turned out to be The Shrine-- a movie that's about as different from Jack Brooks as humanly possible, but still looks good.

The film is set to make its FantAsia debut in the imminent future, and to get everyone in the mood, the first full official trailer has debuted over at Shock Till You Drop.

The Shrine tells the tale of three journalists who travel to a remote Polish village in search of a missing American backpacker. When they arrive, they learn the village is haunted by rumors of cult activity and human sacrifice. Our intrepid heroes find themselves stalked by a malicious group -- but that turns out to be nothing compared to the horrors that await them inside the actual shrine.

Unlike Jack Brooks, there doesn't appear to be anything funny about The Shrine. As much as I want to see a Jack Brooks sequel (and it's on the docket for the filmmaker), I'm really interested to see how Knautz handles a straight horror film. Judging by the trailer, it looks like he knows what he's doing.

What do you think? Will The Shrine tide you over til we get the next Jack Brooks flick? Hit the jump and check out the trailer for yourself.
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