What Was I Thinking? is a series of recurring articles by the staff where we reflect on movies we originally hated and now love, vice versa, and what changed our opinion. Before we kick that off, we want to break down the idea a bit and hear from you, the readers. Expect to start seeing some of our own personal choices in the very near future.

One thing I've learned during my years of watching and writing about movies is that nothing is etched in stone. Feelings about movies are subjective, and despite careful consideration and my best intentions, there have been times where I've hated a movie -- sometimes with a passion -- only to discover later that my opinion has done a complete 180. There's nothing wrong with this -- unless you published a review somewhere trashing the film you're reconsidering for the entire world to see. Then revising your stance on a movie becomes much harder and necessitates a lot mea culpas and "Hey, I don't know what I was thinking" statements to right the wrong.

This got us thinking that surely we're not alone in doing this -- of hating a movie at one point and then coming to discover later that we love it. It's certainly much harder to do than the inverse, if only because when we hate something, there's rarely a compulsion to watch it again. That's what makes the topic so interesting though. Even more interesting is the why behind the change of heart -- what is it that makes us change our tune about a film we were adamant we didn't like? In my experience, it can be anything -- from appreciating a performance, to being in a different frame of mind when watching, to simply being older, more experienced, or in a different place in your life when it finally clicks.

With that in mind, here's where I open the floor up for you. Hit the comments section and share some of your personal examples of movies you hated but later warmed up to. Be sure to share what changed your opinion too -- it's fascinating to know what inspires people to completely reverse their thoughts on a film.