Dear M. Night Shyamalan,

I hate you. You're the most prominent name on my tiny list of filmmakers who I can no longer trust and yet inevitably your name ends up on a project that I think may actually earn you back some cool points in my book. I swore you off after The Happening, but I'm a sucker for fireballs so I allowed myself to get excited for The Last Airbender. It ended up being, without hyperbole, one of the worst major films I have ever seen a studio put into theaters. It is so staggeringly worthless I actually felt somewhat vindicated when Universal decided to drop your name from the previously-titled The Night Chronicles: Devil, reducing it to simply Devil.

Well now Universal has put out a trailer for Devil and I find myself yet again going against all instinct to actually get excited about a film with your name on it. I'd like to think it's because I know you neither wrote or directed Devil (writing duties went to Hard Candy/30 Days of Night's Brian Nelson; directing went to the Dowdle brothers, who last were seen delivering the solid but pointless Quarantine), that you merely produced it and provided the story for it and thus it may have escaped the downward spiral your career has taken. But really it's just because I find myself incapable of giving up on you. I want to believe you may one day return to form and contribute positive things to the industry that has given you so much.

As for Devil, I think it looks fantastic. I love the concept and I particularly love the casting, so I'm really hoping that you don't somehow ruin this film, too.

Haley Joel Osment
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