You wanna know how you write a Motion History? Here's how -- someone suggests a movie, you agree. You watch the movie, you hit the library. When the library fails, you yell at your keyboard and go to Google. And then you're glad the Motion History deadline moved. That's the ChicagoCinematical way.

All corny quoting aside, that's exactly what happened. I fully expected to be able to findThe Untouchables(the original book actually penned by Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley) at the library. I thought it would have Kevin Costner on the front. I thought this topic would be as slick to pin down as getting Al Capone on tax evasion. I was wrong, and I'm surprised and saddened to be wrong. Eliot Ness is an American legend. So much of his life and career has become embedded in pop culture that I thought his autobiography (as fluffy as it may or may not be) would be readily available at my local library. It's on Amazon of course, but it couldn't get here fast enough, and that's not really the point. I like libraries. It saddens me so many are becoming glorified Blockbusters -- especially in this digital and streaming age -- instead of places you can learn about Prohibition.

So, I apologize. This might be a rather thin column, and a topic that Cinematical readers can school me on. Nevertheless, I'm happy to say I went into this a blank slate and came out with a vaguely less one. Perhaps a few will read this and say the same. Perhaps it will even restore our libraries.
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