Predators are going to leave you with a scared case of limbo with this week's club picks:

Seeing that a new crop of folks are fighting through the remake, Jacob Hall decided to tackle Predator for this week's SciFi Squad pick. He wrote: "Schwarzenegger has never been better. The guy doesn't have a lot of range to begin with, but Dutch is the kind of role that feels tailored to him, emphasizing what he's good at while sidestepping everything that will make him look too terrible."

Brad McHargue, meanwhile, recounts the chills of Session 9, the flick about an asbestos cleaning crew and an abandoned mental hospital. A big fan of the film, he wrote: "Session 9 represents what I feel equals the quintessential subject for horror: the frailty and inherent weakness of the human mind. It dispenses with gore and violence in favor of unbridled tension, which is executed to near perfection."

Finally, I dug into the John Sayles classic Limbo: "As much as there is a big split down the middle between the three coming together and then heading up the coast, the film moves fluidly. Sayles accomplishes this by making the viewer feel like they know the path the film will take. However, like life, unforeseen obstacles stand in their way, blocking the perfectly wrapped up story and foiling our expectations."

Hit the links to give your thoughts on each film, and stay tuned for the next round, beginning with Scream on Friday.
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