The 'Salt' web game 'Day X Exists' unveiled its ninth and final mission yesterday, marking the end of a bold experiment in viral film marketing. Moviefone has been along for the entire nine-week ride, playing each stage of the game and reporting on the results and experience. Somewhere along the line, what started as an excuse to play video games in the office morphed into something far deeper, a feeling I can't quite describe. All I know is that I desperately want, no, need, to see this movie as soon as possible to preserve my mental sanity and achieve some much-needed closure.

But enough about me. 'Salt' opens July 23, and stars Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent who's been accused of being involved in a plot to assassinate the president. She's on the run from the CIA while also trying to clear her name and stop the plot. So let's get to the game, shall we?
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