The e-mail came in around two years ago with the subject line, "This can't be real, right?"

It was the trailer for the 2003 straight-to-DVD drama 'Tiptoes,' and as with all such forwards, I proceeded with caution and skepticism. I had heard rumors that this movie -- in which Matthew McConaughey plays the only average-sized man in a family of dwarves -- existed, but, like the Loch Ness Monster, it was the stuff of urban legend that no one could actually confirm.

I watched the trailer once, marveling at the painstaking cleverness and dedication someone had gone through to make it look like an actual movie. I watched it again, yet couldn't spot any of the real movies from which some cinematic prankster had pilfered the source material. I finally entered the title into this site's search page and was dumbfounded that this movie was actually made ... thus inaugurating Moviefone's new feature: "This Movie Exists?!"
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