The champ of last year's superhero movie showdown, The Dark Knight, put up a good fight, but even that juggernaut couldn't best the classic contributions of Sirs Spielberg and Lucas. Now, before Christopher Nolan's follow-up prepares to hit theaters and after last week's insane dead heat, it's down to two essential blockbusters with two iconic Harrison Ford performances: Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Before we determine which one of these films dominates this Best Summer Movie tournament of ours, I'd like to thank Erik Childress for his match-ups and math wizardry, Peter Hall for his posts and pictures, and each and every one of you -- yes, YOU! -- for voting, commenting, sharing this with your pals and generally caring about this way too much. ;)

With that said, vote away, and know that whichever film loses, Cinematical will destroy every known copy of.

So, y'know, no pressure or anything.

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