Hey, I see that eye roll. I know. I'm as sick of rumors about The Hobbit as you are. At this point, all I want to see is some smallish dude cast as Bilbo Baggins, and the first image of Smaug. Nevertheless, the Ring continues to flicker with life as Mordor MGM desperately holds onto it. Peter Jackson continues to work in good faith. According to THR's Heat Vision, he's even meeting with actors despite that the film still hasn't gotten the green light. Money is still an issue.

Apparently, even Jackson's directorial status isn't finalized. He has nearly signed, but not quite, and Warner Bros is continuing to negotiate with MGM over money and their half of the rights. All MGM decisions are being made by shareholders and creditors which makes things extra problematic. THR describes the studio as "rudderless" and notes that Warner Bros can't even fund the film themselves because it would require MGM to sign off on it. Currently, there's not really any authority or ability to do that.
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