I'm not sure how much weight M. Night Shyamalan's name carries anymore (I seriously doubt that The Last Airbender's $100 million gross to date can be chalked up to goodwill after The Happening and Lady in the Water), but it's hard to deny that when he used to do the twisty Rod Serling thing, he could do it quite well. That seems to be the key to Devil -- that, and the fact that he's not the one directing this time.

Instead, he's come up with the story of four strangers trapped in an elevator with the you-know-what in disguise and handed the reins over to the Dowdle Brothers, no stranger to scares in confined spaces after their [REC] remake, Quarantine. Judging from this trailer, they may wring a fair amount of tension out of this yet, although I can already expect people to be claiming they called it from the start ("Who could suspect the security guy?" "Who would've ever guessed the old lady?" "Hey, wasn't that guy in (500) Days of Summer?").

As I mentioned recently, Devil just got bumped up from next February to this September. Here's hoping that move was one of confidence, and not merely another gambit by our favorite pariah to come between audiences and their money.