With Inception mere days away from arrival, the only other major sci-fi film of the year that I have deluded myself is going to be insanely good is Tron Legacy. I think the trailers look absolutely stunning, but that's not a very reliable reason to be excited considering trailers are regularly the most deceptive tool at disposal for a marketing team. But I'm holding out hope that first time director Joe Kosinski has delivered something special (or, at the very least, a movie that just looks gorgeous).

I'm also holding out hope that Kosinski's sophomore film ends up being the newly-announced Archangles and not the previously-announced remake of The Black Hole. Scott Free productions is courting Kosinski for the project, written by a one Andrew Will, which is about "an elite force that is tasked with tracking aliens who get past Earth's defense system."

I'm not sure how I feel about that one-sentence pitch given to Heat Vision - What's the tone? Is it wacky like Men in Black or dead serious like Blade Runner? - but I don't care too much so long as it's original science fiction. Even if Tron Legacy ends up being a crapshoot, I'd rather see any director tackle original sci-fi instead of another remake (though The Black Hole could certainly stand to undergo more than a few improvements).
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