The good news is every Alien movie is on its way to Blu-ray this year. The bad news is that does include Alien: Resurrection. According to IGN, Fox is planning to release the Alien Anthology Blu-ray edition, collecting all four films together with masses of special features, right in time for Halloween.

Fox say the edition will find the films 'reinvigorated for an intense Blu-ray high-definition viewing experience,' which suggests we'll likely see the benefits of past remastering efforts rather than a whole new full-scale clean up.

For the princely RRP of $139.99, the edition's wealth of special features will give you access to content from the '90s laserdisc edition, the Legacy release and the Quadrilogy. It'll add up to about 60 hours of extra footage, and more than 12,000 images. We'll see Sigourney Weaver's original screen test, an unseen original cut of an Alien 3 making-of and tons of deleted scenes.