I had a bit of an internal debate about whether or not news regarding the long-awaited Alien Anthology Blu-ray sets was a better fit for Horror Squad or Sci-Fi Squad. Obviously all four films have a smattering of elements of both genres, so the case could be argued either way (and has). I found myself in the midst of a raging argument with myself (I should get out of the house more often), when something occurred to me. It's a slow news day for horror! Ta-da! Decision over.

So what can fans expect from a brand spanking new, six-disc, high definition release of Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection this October 26th? Everything that was on the old Quadrilogy DVD set, which totals over 12 hours of behind-the-scenes material, will be on the Alien Anthology, but Twentieth Century Fox has gone ahead and added a further five-hours of material just for this release. Five hours of what, you ask? Click on to find out. [via Den of Geek]
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