One wonders if the home video divisions of the studios got together this week and said, "Hey, we all have these movies that deal with weapons designers. Let's all announce them at the same time." Doubtful that is what happened, but Paramount, Sony and Universal could not have made a better connection for the opening of the column this week.

As we have been hinting at for the past couple of weeks, the big summer blockbusters were going to drop into the market soon enough. And it begins on Sept. 28 with Paramount's Iron Man 2. One of the few relatively well-reviewed films of the summer, it actually came up about $9 million short from the original's $318 million tally at the box office. That was still good enough to be the third highest grosser of the year so far (behind Toy Story 3 & Alice In Wonderland). The DVD will feature commentary by director Jon Favreau, deleted scenes and a couple of featurettes. The Blu-ray will include all that plus the "Ultimate" Making-of Featurette and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Data Vault where you can "view case files, dossiers, training films, tech details and more."

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