Todd Solondz's Life During Wartime is set for a limited theatrical release later this month -- and to help get everyone prepared for the filmmaker's latest journey into uncomfortably hilarious family drama, we've got a new, exclusive clip of the film to show you after the jump.

A sequel to the filmmaker's 1998 cult classic black comedy Happiness, Life During Wartime finds all your favorite characters from that film back on the screen -- only played by different actors. The new film picks up years after the end of Happiness and follows the same three sisters (this time out played by Allison Janney, Ally Sheedy, and Shirley Henderson) as they live their undeniably strange lives. There's more pedophile humor, plus ghosts, suicide, and Paul Reubens -- sounds like a recipe for laughter to me!

The clip for the film features a scene that's typical of Solondz's work. Reubens is sitting on a bed next to Shirley Henderson. The two are having a heartfelt conversation wherein Reubens is asking her about spending the night together like old times, which Henderson assures him never happened. Reubens then goes on to explain that maybe this is the time where they should make up for all the mistakes they made previously -- like never spending the night together. The kicker is that the background of the scene features the moaning of people having sex in another room.

Solondz's brand of humor is certainly unique and not for everyone. However, if you find yourself amused by this scene, odds are you'll want to check out the rest of Life During Wartime when it starts playing theatrically on July 23rd.

Hit the jump to view the clip for yourself. Can Solondz recapture the magic of Happiness and Welcome to the Dollhouse? Opine until your heart's content in the comments section.