There you go. Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan (aka The Green Lantern) on the cover of their latest issue. If you want to take in further details, like the unique texture of the suit or how well it showcases Mr. Reynolds' impressive abdominal structure, click on over to Entertainment Weekly's official site for the bigger-ish version.

Fanboys have been eagerly awaiting (and by eagerly awaiting, I mean moaning non-stop) the reveal of the Ring of Power wielding DC superhero ever since the bizarre news that the entire costume would be CGI. It seemed like an odd choice at the time, but now that we can actually take a look at what director Martin Campbell is going for, it makes a helluva lot more sense. Instead of the traditional tight spandex, it looks like the Green Lantern costume will be fully embracing its extra-terrestrial origins, looking like a second skin, albeit an alien skin, instead of clothing.
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